Notes from the road

Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 19:56:18 +1100

By Bron

It’s the late afternoon of day three and we’re on the road to Cowra, while a small number of our group are returning to the coast. We’ve been from Singleton to the famous Caroona blockade. We started Friday and listened to the experiences of living near ever expanding mines for the Stroud and Gloucester communities. This included the destruction of the local oyster industry and ongoing environmental threats to Johnsons River and Wards River. Lunch and quick swim here gave us an appreciation for just how beautiful these rivers are. After lunch we headed into Singleton, the emotions here were almost overwhelming. Hearing about ‘fighting the documents’ captured something profound about the struggles of communities directly affected by coal mining. There are 23 or more mines in the Singleton area. The public health issues are particularly worrisome for the woman we heard from. There are also serious impacts from having a transient community who commute into the mines or rent for a short period of time.

Tour heads off from Newcastle


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