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  1. megan & cayle

    1. Does your bus run on fuel?
    2. Will you be staying in a motel on your trip?
    3. Do you turn lights on in your house or do you live by candle light?
    4. Do you drive a car? Is it a 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder because bottom line is a car is a car!
    5. You say this wont make people loose their jobs so are willing to pay all of the coal miners mortgages or find them all “green jobs” if they were to loose their jobs?
    6. How did you make this website without plugging your computer into a powerpoint?
    7. Is all of your flyers, brochures etc printed on reycycled paper?
    8. Do you mind paying more for dairy and meat when the prices double because cows produce methane?

    As far as we are concerned, this is not the solution to the problem do you really think “going green” is going to fix this situation>

    For every coal mine shut here, do you not think double will open overseas with less safety awareness, guidelines and environmental knowledge?

    So all in all good for use for having your say, BUT do expect that we should all live like cavemen??

    A response to this email with serious answers would be muchly appreciated.


    • Hi Megan,

      As I understand it you’re pointing out that whilst we’re wanting to see big changes in terms of switching to renewables, we’re still using energy from coal and oil that is polluting, and that you think that’s hypocritical.

      I’ll start by saying that I and the other people helping to organise the tour definitely try to reduce our carbon footprint in our own personal lives, by doing things like using public transport/bikes/walking to get around whenever possible, paying for green electricity in our own homes, and using recycled paper, reducing our consumption of meat and dairy, etc.

      But having said that, there are obviously limits to how much people can do on their own, as individuals. For example some people live in areas where public tranport is terrible/doesn’t exist, and need cars, and can’t afford a prius! I think it’s really important for everyone to try and make changes in their own lives, but at the same time we need to see bigger changes across Australia and across the world, and they’re not going to happen by us choosing environmentally-friendly products at the supermarket and buying green electricity – we believe that we need to do more than that, and that’s why we’re organising this tour.

      Another thing is that we’re really not advocating people start living like cave men! We don’t need to! We have the technology today and the knowledge about how to use energy far more efficiently, to make cutting our emissions very easy. It’s not about not having electricity – it’s about making that electricity differently – using renewable sources instead of coal.

      In terms of jobs, we think they’re really important, otherwise we wouldn’t bother with this bus trip in the first place. There has been a report put together at Newcastle university that says that if we phased out coal in the Hunter, we could create between 4000 – 10 000 jobs in renewables/other sustainable industries. So we know that’s possible. But if we want to make that happen, we need to get a guarantee from the government that they will provide jobs and full compensation payouts to people working in the coal industry. So this is what the bus tour is all about. Climate change is happening and we have to stop using coal very very soon if we’re going to avoid catastrophic changes to our planet, but we want people working in the coal industry to have a choice about whether they stay there, or whether they are re-trained to work in renewable energy production instead.

      The issue of mines shutting here just causing new ones to open overseas is real – I agree that that’s likely to happen to some extent. But at the same time, Australia produces massive amounts of coal, and a lot of it is used in our own country to power our own power stations – we should be using solar power and wind power instead. That’s the first thing we need to deal with in Australia. In terms of coal we export to other countries, Japan is one of the biggest importers, and they have the technology to stop using coal. At the end of the day we need to lead by example – we can’t just wait to follow other countries when the future of our planet is at stake.

  2. Ali

    I think transitiontours reply to Megan was very well put. im a Coal miners daughter but believe we need to stop this coal madness, there are no jobs on a dead planet.

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