We would be grateful for your support for the tour whether this be an endorsement, a message of support we can put on this site or financial sponsorship. If you can help in any way or would like to endorse the tour please email

How to sponsor the tour

Recommended donations:
$0-50 for individuals
$50-100 for small organisations
$100-300 for large organisations

Bank account details

The Just Transition Tour
Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 062 815
Account number: 1037 3409

Please accompany transfers with an email to

Post cheques to:

Newcastle University Students’ Association
c/o Environment Convenor
University Drive
Callaghan NSW 2308

Please make out cheques to The Just Transition Tour


The Just Transition Tour is endorsed by

Beyond Zero Emissions

Beyond Zero Emissions wholeheartedly endorses the Just Transition Tour. A transition to a 100% renewable energy economy is possible and urgently necessary. It is essential that communities that currently rely on fossil fuels for jobs and income are helped in this transition and are targeted for renewable energy development, be it in manufacturing of components or constructing and maintaining the new energy plants.

Through our research on achieving a zero emissions economy, we have found that it is possible to switch 100% of Australia’s stationary energy supply to existing, commercialised renewable energy technologies. A combination of solar thermal with molten salt storage, which can supply dispatchable power (“baseload”) and cheap wind energy, together with an investment in energy efficiency across all sectors can easily replace coal and gas-fired power. This is without including some other promising technologies which are not fully commercialised yet, such as wave or tidal power, or solar photovoltaics (solar panels), which could soon produce cheaper electricity than coal.

There is no future in coal. Carbon capture and storage (clean coal) may never exist, and if it ever does, it will be too late and probably too expensive to utilise. We have the renewable energy technologies that can solve the climate crisis here and now.

The State and Federal Governments should be working with communities such as those in the Hunter Valley to develop a transition plan to allow them to build alternative industries as the coal industry is wound down. That way, it can be ensured that new, high quality jobs are created as coal industry jobs are lost. Governments cannot put their heads in the sand and ignore the realities of climate change and of the polluting coal industry any longer.

For more information see:

World Council for Renewable Energy, Asia Pacific

Rivers SOS

The Greens Newcastle


Newcastle University Students Association


One response to “Support

  1. Adele

    I live in Lithgow and live 2 doors down from a neighbour who still uses coal for heating and the air is thick with carcinogenic coal smoke many times a day from it. The sooner the use of coal is stopped the better.

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